Access Full Facebook Ads Replay Library + Weekly Live Training Calls with Cat! 
Ok - I know you've already done your research on me and what I do so I'm going to keep this page straight to the point - if you're here it's probably because you're wanting to access our training Library, which covers everything from beginner Business Manager sets right through to bots and advanced scaling strategies.  

By signing up to the FB Ad Hacks Premium membership, you'll not only unlock the full Library (self paced) but you will also have access to live weekly training calls with Cat (sample schedule of topics shown below). 

The membership also includes a private peer support community and a monthly training call with Rich (ex head VIP accounts at Facebook). 
  Monthly Training Call 

In FB Ad Hacks Premium - you'll have access to a monthly group support call - held on various days 5pm EST!

You will also have access to all replays so no worries if you weren't able to make the training - you can still build up you knowledge! 

- Watch LIVE client campaigns builds 1 x month 
- Access advanced & beginner up-to-date training 
- Be across the latest rollout and features provided by Facebook 
- Self-paced online course where you can discover new strategies to improving client campaigns 
- Private peer support community 
- Full replay access 

  Private Support Community  
Ask your FB Ad, funnel strategies, troubleshooting, and get feedback on your creative and targeting in a highly supportive and responsive private Facebook group. Connect with peers and industry experts and stay on top of the latest hacks, tips and tricks coming out of the platform. 

  All Replays 
  Pay As You Go 
No long term contracts, pay month-to-month and cancel anytime. 


Only $47/mth


Enroll Today and Unlock The Following BONUSES!
  BONUS #1 - FB Ads Swipe File  
Access the Ultimate FB Ads Targeting Hack PLUS My Dropbox Folder FULL of FB Ad Swipes!

Need help with your FB Ad creative?  Want to check out other ads in different industries.  Over the last six months we have collated over 1,000 ad creatives across over 20 different industries. When you enroll you'll have INSTANT access to the entire swipe folder that in constantly being updated!

  BONUS #2 - Ecommerce Client Funnel Training  
Access OVER 7 Hours of Training & Replays from Ecomerce Funnel Client Campaigns

Instantly download ecommerce funnel templates, access training on how to roll out effective ecommerce client campaigns that get 4x ROI! And check out REAL WORLD client campaigns being optimised and audited! 

  BONUS #3 - Access to Monthly Live FB Ad Updates From Ex Head VIP Accounts at Facebook 
Stay ahead of the pack and get the early dibs on new features and rollouts coming out of Facebook!

Each month, Rich (Ex Head of VIP Accounts at Facebook takes us through a deck PREPARED BY FACEBOOK of upcoming rollouts and changes to be aware of so that you can make sure you client campaigns are highly relevant. 


Only $47/mth
To join FATC waitlist, you must be an Ad Hacks Premium member, enrol today to get first dibs on spaces that open up inside of FATC 
I think this might be "too basic" for me...

Our trainings alternate between beginner and highly advanced.  The online learning course will also take you through from the basics into more in depth and advanced strategies. 

When does the membership start and finish?

The FB Ad Hacks Premium Private Membership starts as soon as you sign up (LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE!) - it's a month to month subscription and you can cancel your membership anytime. 

What time are the calls, and what if I can't access these? 

The Training calls are held on Mondays at 5pm EST - if you cannot attend for whatever reason we also have replays made available within 24 hours

How is FB Ad Hacks Premium different from FATC?
FATC is also a monthly membership, however, the programs vary in the access and support level provided: 

FB AD Hacks ($47/mth)  
- Peer support group 
- Access to 1 x monthly live FB Ad Training Call 
- Access to monthly replays 

FATC eCom ($497 then $297/mth after 30 days) 
- 24/7 support Group with myself and my team 
- Access to 5 x weekly training + hands-on support/troubleshooting calls 
- Access to all replays 
- Access to full FATC online training program (updated every 3 weeks) 
- Access to contractor database listing (following 6 month membership) 
About Cat...
Cat is the Founder of Eight Loop Social - one of the worlds top Facebook Ad agencies and has worked with hundreds of Facebook Marketers, Agency Owners, and Clients helping them to leverage the platform to unlock the growth and ROI opportunities held within. 

Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc.Magazine, Business Rockstars and more and she is a regular international speaker. 


Only $47/mth
To join FATC waitlist, you must be an Ad Hacks Premium member, enrol today to get first dibs on spaces that open up inside of FATC 
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